Banking at the Post Office

These days it seems every bank branch is under some sort of threat, with the most noticeable of these being full closure, as has happened over the past year with Barclays in Loddon, Attleborough and Eaton.  This means the nearest branches for Claxton residents are in Beccles or Norwich, unless you are a Lloyds customer and can get into Loddon on a Friday afternoon when the mobile bank (bus) visits.

Despite all the inconvenience this has caused, a lot of regular banking business can be done at any Post Office.  Martin Lewis’ website has recently published an article spelling out what can be done at Post Offices.  This can be read by clicking here.  Your Site Manager has tried it and it works fine, with the only downside that it takes at least one day longer for any transactions to show up in statements etc.  A quick chat with the Post Master will help you to decide whether they can handle what you want to do and, if so, how you do it.  It goes without saying that using the Post Office in this way helps keep them operating which in itself can only be a good thing.

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