Minutes of 2017 Annual General Meeting



Present: Julia Kaye, Sarah Carter, Robert Ellis, Mike Balmer, Lesley Hamblin, Mary Button, Jo Bissonnet, and John Ford.

Others present: David Bissonnet, Rosie and Adrian Gidlow, Peter Skipper and Andrew Mussell.

The minutes of the last AGM held on 15th September 2016, having been previously circulated, were read, agreed and signed.

Chair’s Report:

Julia began by thanking all committee members for their continued hard work throughout the year. She also thanked Jenny Lancaster (the cleaner) for all her efforts to continue to keep the hall clean and tidy. She went on to tell those present that the committee has already started on a project to refurbish the hall, for which a sub committee has been formed – reporting back to the main committee. She thanked David Bissonnet who has been a great help in offering advice and guidance regarding health and safety issues and requirements. The emergency lighting has been renewed and an electrical inspection is due to be completed. The aim eventually is to install acoustic panels, redecorate the hall and replace the curtains. In order to achieve this there will need to be much fund-raising. Already, since the last AGM, there has been an Adrian Bell Evening in December, the Race Night in April from which we were able to donate £350 to the NOOK Appeal, a Table Top Sale in May and the annual Quiz. The committee also hope to be successful with grant applications! Julia also thanked Sarah, who is stepping down from the secretarial post after many years and also to Robert who is handing over the role of Treasurer having successfully brought the hall’s finances from a very poor state to the healthy situation that it is now.

Treasurer’s Report:

Robert presented the audited accounts.

Current Account:                             £5263.80
Savings Account:                             £3672.87
Improvement Account:                  £1698.34
Cash:                                                   £ 140.08

Regarding the accounts, Mike asked if the figures shown as ‘hirings’ could be separated – Social Club and others?

There seemed to be a discrepancy in the solar panel monies, Mike to investigate.

At this point the committee stepped down for the Election of Officers.

Chair, Julia was proposed by Mike and seconded by Mary.

Treasurer, Mike was proposed by Julia and seconded by Robert.

Secretary, Lesley was proposed by Mary and seconded by Jo.

The rest of the committee remained in place, including Sarah and Robert. Rosie Gidlow and Andrew Mussell were also invited to join the committee.

The Meeting closed at 7.55.

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