Minutes of Parish Council Meeting, 18 May 2011

In attendance: Mrs P.Clare (Chair), Mrs M.Button, Ms M.Comley, Mr A. Ives, Mr P.Wright and Mr. B Ansell (Clerk).   Also attending Mr R. Godber, Mr. A. Gunson (County Councillor) & 6 parishioners.   Apologies Mr D.Blake (District Councillor).

11.23 New Council & New Councillors
All councillors completed their Declaration of Office(s), which were duly witnessed by the Clerk. Registration of Financial Interests by each Councillor would have to be completed within the next month and returned to SNDC.

11.24 Appointment of Chairman
Mr Robin Godber in the Chair.

On a proposal from Paul Wright, seconded by Alan Ives, Patricia Clare was appointed Chairman and duly completed her Declaration of Office, witnessed by the Clerk.

Patricia Clare took the Chair and thanked her predecessor – Robin Godber – who had retired from the Parish Council – for his hard work over two terms in the Village.

Appointment of Vice Chairman
On a proposal from Mary Button, seconded by Paul Wright, Alan Ives was appointed Vice Chairman.

11.25 Appointment of Representatives
Village Hall liaison –Mary Button,
Church/Churchyard –Paul Wright,
Allotments –Roland Kaye,
Footpaths –Alan Ives,
The Green – Alan Ives,
Notice Board – Paul Wright,
Parish Plans –All Councillors,
Parish Pit Trust – All Councillors.
Finance – Internal Auditor – Chris Dix.

11.26 Declarations of Interest –None

11.27 Minutes.
The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 16th March 2011, which had been circulated, were approved and signed.

11.28 Matters arising
a, Allotments- The Pit Trust would lease the Site from the Manor and manage the Allotments let to Parishioners.

b, Grit Bin – The Bin had been purchased and delivered to Church Lane (John Ford). The Chairman would liaise with Mrs Mills & Mr & Mrs Ford to establish the site before seeking Highways confirmation & approval. Salt/grit would be ordered from Highways.

Land Registry – Village Hall and Site. Clerk received a copy of the Deeds and would research the question of “registering”.

Libraries – A Consultation on reducing hours at Poringland & Loddon libraries was received and discussed. It was resolved to support a shortening of hours on Thursday at Poringland, and a similar arrangement on Mondays at Loddon.

Recycling Centre at Bergh Apton – It was noted that an application from NCC to extend the life of the Centre at Bergh Apton was being prepared for submission. It was noted that any closure would rebound on SNDC who would pick up the cost of “Fly- tipping”

Web Site – Alan Ives & Mary Button would progress this item to identify a possible “web manager” within the Village.

Annual Parish Meeting – the Meeting had been extremely well attended by Parishioners and it was hoped many of the ideas would be taken up.

11.29 Parishioners Questions
No questions raised by Parishioners.

11.30 District Councillors Report – Derek Blake had been re-elected for a further term. The inaugural Meeting of the New South Norfolk Council was being held tonight and Derek Blake had tendered his apologies.

11.31 County Councillors Report –
Adrian Gunson’s update noted that Claxton Corner was to be surface dressed, the road between Rockland & Claxton was sinking in places and require remedial works before the surface dressing was applied, other road works for roads around Hellington and between Langley & Hardley was also to be done. Finally the “passing places” agreed as part of the planning approval for Claxton House would be installed on the Hellington access road from the A146; & Hobart Swimming Pool was now complete and would open in June.

11.32 Policing – Kevin Nightingale updated Councillors on Crime in the Claxton area which fortunately was minor.

11.33 Correspondence
The Clerk tabled a short list of correspondence which had been circulated to Councillors or received prior to the meeting. Items included:

SNAP – Meeting at Poringland 14th June – Open meeting
Clerks & Councils Direct
NALC – Localism Bill
Broads Authority – Broads Plan
BESEL – Flood Alleviation Works between Hardley & Langley Dykes commencing 2012 – Likely closures of moorings in both dykes and diversion of Wherryman’s Way Footpath.
BBC Digital Switch over in November – Help for vulnerable people.

11.34 Planning- SNDC Approvals
2011/0180 Mr J.Fiander Unit 1 Staines Barns – Change of Use from agriculture to residential.(limited to 24 months).
2011/0181 Mr P.Edmonds Unit 3 Staines Barns – Change of Use from agriculture to residential.(Limited to 24 months).

11.35 Finance
a, Balance at 15/05/11- £3937-23
b, Receipts – SNDC Precept £2000, SNDC VAT Refund £754-74
c, Grants – None.
d, Payment
100187                Staples                           APM Printing                £22-40
100188     B. Ansell                        Clerks sal/admin           £362-81
100189               NALC                           Subscription 2011/12    £87-97
100190                Norse Commercial         Grass cutting                 £173-28
100191                C.Dix                             Audit                             £60-00
100192                C.Dix                             HMRC PAYE               £71-40
100193     AON Insurance plc       Insurance                       £308-10

On a proposal from Paul Wright, seconded by Patricia Clare, the schedule was approved for payment

e, Banking Signatories – It was noted that it had been resolved that Marjorie Comley, Patricia Clare & Paul Wright would be the signatories for the Barclays Community Current Account with Patricia Clare replacing Robin Godber. Clerk to arrange with the Bank Mandate team for 2 of the 3 signatories to authorise Cheques

F, Statement Of Accounts 2010/11
The Clerk tabled the Accounts and Statement.

On a proposal from Paul Wright, seconded by Patricia Clare the Accounts were adopted and both Clerk & Chairman duly signed off the Accounts under Section 1. After the Clerk had read out Section 2 both Clerk & Chairman signed off Section 2. Internal Auditor – Chris Dix had completed Section 4 and External Auditors – Mazars – would complete Section 3.

11.36 Parish Land & Property.
a,      Notice Board Paul Wright would hold the Keys to the the Notice boards in the Village and would seek to replace the Church Notice Board with another donated Board.

b, Staines Barns –Paul Wright updated Councillors following a recent visit to Site. An early sale was an unlikely option for the Vendors..

c, Trees on The Warren – Alan Ives noted that one of the larger trees had damage which might require tree surgery. He would revisit The Warren and take advice from a tree surgeon re extent and costs

11.37 Date of next meeting Wednesday 20th July 2011

2011 DATES 19/01, 16/03, 18/05, 20/07, 21/09, 16/11, &APM-20/04 Meeting closed at 21-00hrs


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