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Parishioners are welcome to attend any Parish Council Meeting and raise matters of interest to them or the Parish under “Parishioners’ Questions” in the Agenda. If you would like something specific to be discussed by the Parish Council, you can ask the Clerk to add it to a future agenda, so long as it reaches her by 6pm on the Friday before the next meeting. The Council does expect anyone requesting an item to be present at the meeting to speak to it, and will not address the item in their absence.

Members of the press are also very welcome to attend any open meeting of the Parish Council.

The schedule for Parish Council meetings in 2019 (all Wednesdays) is 9 January, 20 March, 22 May (Annual Parish Meeting followed by Annual Meeting of the Parish Council), 10 July, 11 September and 13 November.

The AGENDA for each meeting will appear below in the run-up to the meeting, usually up to 10 days or so beforehand. Each Agenda will be removed once the draft record of the meeting has been published (under Minutes). Some old Agendas are available by e-mail from the Clerk for no charge.

Parish Council Regular Meeting Agenda Wednesday 9th January 2019

The Regular Parish Council meeting agenda for Wednesday 9th January can be read below.  

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The Annual Parish Meeting – how is it different to the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council?

The Parish Council re-issues this guidance every year in the run-up to the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, both to remind villagers of its existence and to help newcomers  to the village understand what … Continue reading

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