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The Parish Council is funded by a Precept which is an amount decided by the Parish Councillors each year and collected for the Parish Council by South Norfolk District Council as part of your Council Tax; if you look at your Council Tax bill you will see a line for a small amount for the Parish Council.  The precept for 2018-19 is £4,209 and the Council is in addition receiving a further £25 to offset changes in the way Council Tax Benefit is now handled.  The total of £4,234 is £106 (2.6%) higher than the figure for 2017-18.

The Parish Council is made up of 5 Parish Councillors, whose term of office is 4 years, and the most recent elections were in May 2015.  Details are shown in the “Councillors” section.  None of our Parish Councillors receive any allowances or other financial incentive for serving on the Council.  The Clerk is employed by the Parish Council to deal with the administration, organise and take the minutes of the meetings, produce the accounts and budgets and be the first point of contact for local residents.  The Clerk is also the Council’s Responsible Financial Officer, and should be contacted about any finance-related questions.  Contact details are throughout this website.

Parish Boundary MapThe Parish Council (see boundary map above) looks after grass-cutting at the Warren and Village Hall, litter bins and allotments.  The Council is consulted on planning applications but does not make the final decision.  The Council supports various local charities and groups and all the Councillors are Trustees of the Claxton Parish Pit Charity (the Pits Trust).

South Norfolk District Council is the authority which decides on planning applications (apart from the Claxton Manor estate which lies within the Broads Authority – see map above).  It also looks after your rubbish collections, sorts out street nameplates, deals with pest control and other aspects of environmental health, tree preservation orders and licensing.

You can contact South Norfolk District Council on 01508 533633 or

At the By-Election on 24 September 2015, Jaan Larner was elected District Councillor for the Chedgrave and Thurton Ward, and is therefore our representative on South Norfolk Council.  He can be contacted by e-mail at

Norfolk County Council maintains roads, pavements, streetlights on the trunk roads and some housing estates, manages the schools and adult education, social services, libraries, public footpaths and bridleways.

You can contact Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020 or

At the Election on 4 May 2017, Barry Stone was re-elected County Councillor for the Loddon Ward, and remains our representative on Norfolk County Council.  He can be contacted by e-mail at

The Parish Council usually meets on the middle Wednesday every odd month (January, March etc) at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.  The schedule for the coming year is given in the “Meetings” section elsewhere in this section.

You can contact the Clerk, Carla Petersen, on 01502 730166 or

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