What can we expect in 2019?

We wish all our readers a very happy 2019.

A year ago the then-Clerk put together a forward look at 2019, partly so you could scribble a few dates in your diaries.  Your Site Manager will attempt to do the same for 2019.  The list is not comprehensive and will/can be added to as the year progresses.  Here’s what we know, think or even just hope.  If you have a village-wide event you would like publicised just let the Clerk or Site Manager know.

We didn’t run a photo competition in 2018 so there has not been a village calendar but we fully intend to do so in 2019, probably some time in September, so the advice is the same as before – to encourage everyone to take pictures of the changing seasons this year, so that a wider range of photos can be assessed at the time.

The Community Café celebrates its 3rd birthday on Tuesday 8 January.  Come along and help us record this milestone.

The Parish Council meeting on 9 January will decide the level of funding we shall need for 2019-20, which is paid for through our Council Tax.

We will be organising a further village-wide litter-pick early in the year.  There is already a group of regular volunteers.  Let the Clerk know if you’d like to join in.

The South Yare Wildlife Group has its AGM on 10 April in Claxton Village Hall, from 7.30pm.

On Thursday 2 May the village hall will become a Polling Station from 7am to 10pm so that electors can cast votes in Parish and District Elections.  There are 5 Parish Councillor positions to fill.  Will we have more than 5 nominations, and a proper election for the first time in decades?  If you think you’ve something to offer, look out for the nomination details.

The Annual Parish Meeting – your meeting – takes place on Wednesday 22 May at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

There will not be a Fair on the Yare in 2019.

We are hoping to stage another Open Day at Ducan’s Marsh in June.  More details in due course.

The Annual Quiz Night will be on Saturday 15 June.  Another date for diaries.

As mentioned at the start, in September the Village Hall Committee expects to run another photo competition with the best entries forming a new calendar for 2020.

Lastly, sometime in 2019 we anticipate the second and third fibre-optic telecom cabinets to be installed in Claxton, giving the remaining houses access to high-speed broadband – at last.

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