Results of first Norwich Western Link consultation

Readers may remember a consultation which took place this spring about the project to link the western end of the Northern Distributor Road and the A47.  The following is an update from Norfolk County Council on the results of this consultation.

Dear all,

I’m writing to you regarding the Norwich Western Link consultation which ran between Tuesday, 8 May and Tuesday, 3 July 2018 and asked people for their views on any transport issues that exist to the west of Norwich.

A report detailing the results of the consultation has now been produced and is available to read and download on our website at under the ‘Have your say’ section.  Below is a summary of some of the key findings.

The Norwich Western Link consultation had two elements – a text-based ‘Initial Views’ questionnaire and a complementary map on which people could highlight transport issues in specific locations.

The Initial View consultation received more than 1,700 responses while more than 750 comments from just over 530 contributors were ‘pinned’ to the consultation map.

The results show that the majority of people who took part in the consultation believe a new road linking the A47 to Broadland Northway (previously the Northern Distributor Road) would help tackle transport issues in the area. This option was selected more than three times as much as the next most popular option, ‘Improving existing roads’.

The full breakdown of responses to this question, showing how many people selected each option, is as follows:

People were asked ‘Although one potential option to tackle transport issues in this area is to build a new road we are committed to examining all of the possible options. Which options would you like us to explore?’ 

  • New road linking NDR to A47                        – 1,262
  • Improving existing roads                                    – 398
  • Improving public transport                                – 268
  • Improving cycling routes                                     – 255
  • New cycling route linking NDR to A47             – 239
  • Traffic calming on existing routes                      – 176
  • Better walking routes                                            – 153
  • New walking route linking NDR to A47            – 119
  • Other                                                                          – 25
  • Do nothing                                                                – 24

People who took part in the consultation were also asked to identify which transport problems were a particular issue in the area to the west of Norwich. The top three issues people selected were:

  • Roads not suitable for level of traffic (selected by 1,171 people)
  • Rat-running (selected by 934 people)
  • Slow journey times (selected 846 people)

People were also asked which issues the County Council should consider when planning any transport improvements in the area. The top three issues people selected were:

  • Reducing congestion (selected by 960 people)
  • Reducing rat-running (selected by 944 people)
  • Shortening journey times (selected by 865 people)

Further work to analyse the ‘free text’ information given as part of the consultation is still ongoing, including going through the 773 comments people ‘pinned’ to a consultation map to highlight problems in specific locations.

We will use the information from the consultation, as well as other data and evidence, to help propose some options to improve travel in the area to the west of Norwich. A further consultation on these is likely to take place later this year and we will be in touch to let you know more about this nearer the time.

Please do have a look at the full report when it becomes available on Friday, 10 August as this has further details which you may find interesting.

Best wishes,

Susie Lockwood, Stakeholder and Communications Coordinator
Infrastructure Delivery
Tel: 01603 217807 | Dept: 0344 800 8020
County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH

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