Village Hall 200 Club update

Following May’s Community Café we now have 56 numbers taken, meaning there are still 144 left for everyone else.  Congratulations to Dave Swinborne, whose No 1 was drawn out by the vicar this morning.  Dave went home with a cheque for £28 and a smile on his face.

£10 will get you a number in the remaining 10 draws of the year.  If you want a better choice of number from those remaining, it would be best to get in touch with Mike Balmer by e-mail ( or phone (01508 484162).

As of 12 June the numbers below which have not been blacked out are still available, but it is first-come, first-served. VH 200 Club Available Numbers (12Jun)

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  1. John garcia says:

    What is the 200 club? We are moving to claxton and would like to know.thx john

    • Site Manager says:

      Hello John. Good news for us and we look forward to welcoming you in the village. Can you tell me where you will be living?

      The Village Hall has just launched a small local lottery designed to offer monthly prizes and a little bit of fund-raising for the Hall. We ask people to pay £12 up front for the year. We have a monthly draw so for every member there is £1 in the kitty. Half the monthly kitty goes to the number drawn out. The other half to the Hall. An example. Say we had sold 40 tickets for the April draw. The prize that month would be £20. If we had sold 60 it would be £30. People are free to join throughout the year so long as they pay for the rest of the year so numbers will rise and the prize money will rise too.

      Why a 200 Club? Because we offer any number between 1 and 200 and only those which have been paid for go into the monthly draw. The numbers which are currently available are shown on the website.

      I hope that helps. If you need any further explanation please e-mail me direct at Best wishes Mike Balmer

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