Collaborative work between South Norfolk and Broadland District Councils

Last week South Norfolk and Breckland District Councils considered an update report on the good progress that has been made on the feasibility study into their collaborative working.  No major issues have been identified to suggest their collaborative approach won’t work, or fail to deliver on their ambitions.

The progress report focusses on the initial areas identified by members, including those that will help both Councils achieve their strategic intent of driving economic and housing growth and provide a better quality of life for their 250,000+ residents.

They have already seen successful collaboration through their shared management arrangement in planning, and their ability to have a greater influence on the wider stage has been recognised by central government and rewarded with a £220,000 grant for a rural engagement project.

Work will now continue to develop the many ideas and proposals identified in the progress report including the financial analysis and a possible timetable going forward.

The final feasibility study is still on schedule to be reviewed by members for a decision in June/July and this remains the key time for making decisions on how this initiative proceeds.

You can read the progress report on the SNC website at  and once you have read the report it would be very useful if you could give feedback by completing the short survey.

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