Better Broadband for Claxton – things are happening

We have just had confirmation from the Better Broadband for Norfolk (BBfN) programme that the location for the first of 3 fibre cabinets for Claxton has been agreed.  It will go into the grass verge a short way down Folly Lane.  Anyone walking or driving past this point will see a lot of coloured paint on the road and a small red sign in front of the boundary fence of Grey Gables, marked AIO (which means an All In One cabinet).

It would normally have gone in alongside the BT junction box in the pavement outside The Folly, but the pavement at that point is simply too narrow.

We’ve also just learned that this cabinet will serve 68 properties, so that means all the houses on The Street at least up to the Manor, and including Claxton Mill.  Remember we are expecting 2 further cabinets, one near the end of the year and one in 2019, which I expect will cover Claxton Corner and Church Lane as well as the properties in Folly Lane, but THIS IS ALL subject to confirmation nearer the time.

That’s all we know at present.  Further news will be put on the website as it arrives.  What it does mean is that the service for which many of us have been campaigning for over 5 years is just that little bit closer to starting.

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