Greater Norwich Local Plan Consultation runs to 22 March

You have just over a week to have your say on the proposals in the Greater Norwich Local Plan for housing developments in our area.  At the moment there is just one in Claxton, with the proposal to build up to 8 houses on agricultural land across Church Lane from Claxton House.  However there is another much larger proposal for up to 200 houses to be built on land above and behind the New Inn pub in Rockland St Mary, which would have a significant impact on traffic, schools, surgeries and other facilities and would also be likely to affect the flow of water along Hellington Beck.

As of 14 March only two people have commented on the Claxton proposal.  If you wish to make your views known you have until 5pm on Thursday 22 March.  Far more have commented on the other proposal with the number of people objecting currently being 12 times the number supporting the proposal.

This is your chance to make your views known.  Whatever you think of the proposals the County Council is giving you the chance to say so.  In 8 days’ time it will be too late.  The consultation is at and the registration process is straightforward.

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2 Responses to Greater Norwich Local Plan Consultation runs to 22 March

  1. John F Jackson (Claxton0 says:

    I have tried for the last hour to comment and answer the questions raised, and cannot figure out how to navigate this most complicated and ridiculously labyrinthine web site. I will continue to try.

    • Site Manager says:

      Dear John

      Firstly thanks for wanting to comment. The more the merrier, or rather if we only get a few comments they might assume we don’t care. Let’s see if I can help you navigate what is, as you say, a not very user-friendly site.

      Firstly you need to register and choose a password. Then:
      Click on the link (
      Click on the Site Proposals tab at the top
      In Section 1 Site Proposals consultation document click on the writing in the white box just below.
      Click on South Norfolk.
      Scroll down to 5.20 Claxton
      Click on the pencil icon (respond)
      Identify whether you support or object and put your text into the white box below.
      Then press submit.
      That should be it. You will get an e-mail confirming they’ve logged your comments.

      Mike Balmer, Parish Clerk

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