Agenda for Parish Council meeting on 17 January

1.  To consider apologies for absence.
2.  To receive disclosures of personal and prejudicial interest in matters to be considered at the meeting.
3.  To resolve that the minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 15 November 2017 be signed as a correct record.
4.  To adjourn the meeting to allow public participation, including Parishioners’ Questions, District and County Councillor reports.
5.  To update the meeting on the proposal to acquire a Defibrillator for the village, and to agree a course of action.
6.  To note new arrangements for external audit and to agree a course of action.
7.  To discuss the Precept options provided along with any alternatives, and agree the size of Precept required for 2018-19.
8.  To update the meeting on plans to appoint a new Parish Clerk.
9.  To take stock of any developments to ease the traffic situation at Claxton Corner, and agree a course of action if required.
10.  To agree a schedule for the planting of a tree at the front of the Village Hall car park to record the contribution to Claxton village by the late Linda Clitheroe, and to consider removing the stump from the Jubilee tree.
11.  To consider a request from Claxton PCC for a maintenance grant for Claxton church yard and to agree a course of action.
12.  To consider a request for a donation from the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) and to agree a course of action.
13.  To consider giving approval to a request by the Village Hall to plant a cotoneaster hedge in the front car park nearest the wooden fence to the north.
14.  To comment on planning matters, including any recent applications.
15.  Finance Report
a)     Statement of Accounts for year to date
b)     Receipts and
c)     Grants
d)     To approve invoices for payment
16.  To receive a report from the Clerk on any actions taken following the last meeting.
17.  To note correspondence for information.
18.  To receive items for the next Agenda.
19.  To confirm the date of the next meeting of the Parish Council – Wednesday 14 March 2018


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3 Responses to Agenda for Parish Council meeting on 17 January

  1. Judy Jackson says:

    Dear Mike,
    Thank you for your quick reply and for clarifying the traffic issues around Claxton Corner. Hopefully, the preferred solution of reducing the speed to 30 mph might happen at some point. We are very keen to move to Claxton in the near future!
    Best Wishes, Judy Jackson

  2. Judy Jackson says:

    Hello – My husband and I are considering buying property in Claxton soon, so we are not residents yet! However, we have been looking on this lovely Claxton website for a few months now, following the police reports (great to hear this is a low crime area!) and other business matters. We were looking at the agenda for the next meeting and had a question about item number 9 concerning the traffic around Claxton Corner. Is there a lot of traffic during the week days going through the town, as we have been along The Street on the weekends and it seems pretty quiet. Also, it is 30 mph along that road – is there a lot of speeding that happens? We would appreciate any comments concerning this traffic issue. Thanks for your help!

    • Site Manager says:

      Dear Judy
      Firstly I’m glad you’re looking at Claxton with a view to buying a property here. We have a thriving community centred around the Village Hall and Community Café with an active Parish Council. Mind you, I would say that as I’m involved in them all!
      I would like to clarify the issues with Claxton Corner which is the tight bend as the Street meets Church Lane, about 3/4 of a mile north(west) of the Village Hall. The stretch from Claxton Manor to just below Rockland Staithe (1.2 miles) is actually 60MPH, ie the national speed limit. This is because current practice only allows 30MPH limits in built-up areas and there are few houses there. The lack of a sensible speed limit and tightness and narrowness of the bend mean that it is not the easiest place to pass another vehicle safely, though to date we’ve been lucky and had no bad accidents there. Elsewhere in the village the limit is 30MPH and the vast majority of drivers adhere to that although there are a few who disregard it. It is less the weight of traffic than the awkwardness of that particular blind corner which is the issue. We would love it to be 30MPH which is our preferred solution, and the debate goes on. Sorry to reply at length but I would not want you to ignore Claxton for the wrong reason! I hope this is helpful. With best wishes, Mike Balmer, Parish Clerk

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