Fair on the Yare – distribution of proceeds

The Fair on the Yare Committee met this evening and agreed that the £5,500 collected would be distributed as follows:

East Anglian Air Ambulance     £ 1,500
The Big C Appeal                         £ 1,500
Claxton Church                            £ 2,000
Claxton Village Hall                    £    500

We hope that each of these donations will make a difference, however small, to the charity receiving them, and once again thank everybody involved in this year’s Fair – organisers, helpers,  stall holders and visitors.

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  1. James Elliot says:

    Can you advise how this decision was reached. I attended on the day itself and assumed the event was mainly in aid of the The Big c and Air Ambulance as these 2 charities had been heavily promoted, advertised at the event and in fact prior? Indeed I find it difficult to believe that the Church recieves the largest donation despite its obvious lack of popularity in the village judging by congregation sizes. Also there wasn’t even a stall or a representative of Claxton church at the event. BY this I mean a vicar etc where was he? I notice they managed an appearance at the Rockland School fete? The church is far more wealthy organisation than these other 2 combined and find this decision made, I suspect by a select group of out of touch people the be both insulting and against the true nature of what was advised on the day and the believe of the majority of visitors. Why don’t you let the people who attend on the day decide via a vote/nomination rather than a closed group?

    Please advise how this was decided and by whome as £5,500 Is a lot of money which in this instance could be used better saving lives rather than as I suspect a stained glass window or payments to up the church hierarchy

    • Site Manager says:

      Dear James

      Your comment was dropped into our Spam box – possibly because the e-mail address does not have an identifiable sender name. I’ve now unspammed and approved it. I’m not sure where you got the idea that the Fair was mainly in support of the Big C and Air Ambulance. They are two of four charities supported this year. You ask how this decision was made. I refer you to the first line of the post you have read, which states clearly this was a decision made by the Committee organising the Fair, as it always is. To find out more you need to contact the Committee themselves. The Chair is Mrs Carolyn Moar (kismet19@hotmail.com).

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