Better Broadband for Norfolk – some good news – but not for a while

As you know, your Clerk is in regular contact with the Better Broadband for Norfolk programme, to ensure that Claxton is not forgotten when it comes to the next phase of the rollout of superfast broadband across the county.  Below is the text of an e-mail received last week from the Director of the programme.

Hello Mike,

Norfolk has just extended its contract with BT to expand Superfast broadband coverage across the county.  I can confirm that Claxton is within the scope of this extended Better Broadband for Norfolk Programme rollout.

Subject to survey, I expect three new fibre structures to serve all but one property which is too far away from any of the three to have access to superfast broadband.

Rollout will follow on immediately after the completion of the current deployment which concludes at the end of June 2018.  This further extension of the rollout is extensive and will be completed by the end of March 2020, by which point 95% of Norfolk properties will have access to Superfast broadband speeds (24Mbps+).

The order for the rollout will be based on achieving the most efficient deployment possible, this is to ensure access to Superfast broadband for the maximum number of properties possible for the available funding.

Survey and design work will take place in phases, as the survey for each new cabinet is completed details will be provided to the relevant Parish Council.

Once fibre infrastructure is available, people will need to contact their Internet Service Provider, or another, to discuss suitable services packages.  Over 100 Internet Service Providers offer fibre based broadband service.



Karen O’Kane
Programme Director – Better Broadband for Norfolk

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