Open Day at Ducan’s Marsh – early report

DSC_0359aWell, despite the best efforts and prayers of all involved, the weather on Sunday morning was pretty atrocious, and we would like to congratulate Kevin Parker and Kaarin Wall for toughing it out through the worst of the downpours, and to the handful of hardy souls who made the trek across in really foul weather.

DSC_0362aYour writer took a more cautious approach, arriving around 1215 just as the sun started to come out, and he and others who got there around that time were treated to a spectacular display by the careful marshalling of Kev and Kaarin.  One visitor spent literally hours logging all the species he could find and these will be published in due course.

It is hoped to run a further Open Day at some DSC_0375atime in the future and there are plans for a notice board at the entrance to explain better the breadth and diversity of the flora, fauna and invertebrates.  A small selection of photos is on the Village’s Flickr site at  More are always welcome.

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