Minutes of Parish Council Meeting, 19 January 2011

In attendance: Mr R.Godber (Chair), Mrs J. Swan, and Mr. B Ansell (Clerk).   Also attending Mr. A. Gunson (County Councillor). and Mr K. Nightingale.   Apologies Ms M.Comley, Mr P.Wright, Mr R.White & Mr D.Blake (District Councillor).   (It was noted that the Council were not a quorum with the meeting continuing as a Parish Meeting).

11.01 Declarations of Interest –None

11.02 Minutes.

The Minutes and actions of the meeting held on 17th November 2010, which had been circulated, and were now approved and signed.

11.03 Matters Arising

The Chairman noted that Parishioners were yet to take up the various issues identified in The Parish Plan. Whilst for subsequent meetings of the Parish Council, the Parish Plan will be placed on the Agenda to monitor progress on implementation of the recommendations it was dependant on parishioners taking a leading role.

Allotments. John Heathcote had offered the original site back to the Parish Council and whilst retaining the access from The Street, had also offered an access from Mill Lane. A new Gate had been installed and water would be made available if an Allotment Committee could be set up to take responsibility for the allotments. The Chairman would contact parishioners to inquire their interest.

Web Site – A Parish Web Site accessible by parishioners would form the “Notice Board” for the Village as it was clear that physical Notice Boards remain unread. The Clerk would arrange a presentation at either the next meeting or the Parish Meeting.

Local Development Framework – SNDC had not issued their responses to the Site submissions. The proposal for a 40 bedded Dementia Unit at Claxton House had also not been determined although the correspondence on the planning portal web site increases daily.

11.04 District Councillors Report – Derek Blake absent.

11.05 County Councillors Report
Adrian Gunson, noted that the budget for Winter gritting had been almost spent; pot holes were now a major hazard and he took note of those known to the Council; similarly “chippings” were coming off the road surfaces particularly those “surface dressed” last year. The new 002 Bus service use was sparse and could therefore be withdrawn given the need to save money by the County Council. The Head of Hobart School was retiring and new Heads would be required at both the Junior and Senior Schools, The Broads Authority was attempting to create or restore the islands in Rockland Broad; and finally the County Council had today published the result of “The Big Conversation” and a list of the reductions & redundancies as the Council makes £150 million savings in its Budget.

11.06 Parishioner’s Questions – Kevin Nightingale .gave the Police Report on Calls (5) over the last 3 months and crimes (1) – all mainly domestic in nature.

Changes to the SNAP Meetings were discussed in detail and it was noted that the consensus discussion on the issues to be addressed by the Police over the next 3 months was now to be dropped in future meetings.

It was noted that the structure and post holders covering the Loddon & Poringland “Beats” also continued to change on an irregular basis.

11.07 Correspondence
The Clerk tabled a short list of correspondence which had been circulated to Councillors or received prior to the meeting. Items included:

Clerk & Councils Direct.
NALC -Norfolk Link / Community Led design 8/3 @ the Old Costessey Centre.
NALC -Training – various for Councillors
NCC – Norfolk Matters/ Temporary Road Closures
Police Authority – Budget Meeting
British Legion – Poppy Weekend
Eastern Rivers SNAP Loddon 12/01
Parish Council Elections – Thursday 5th May –

The Chairman would write to all parishioners urging some to stand in order that an election could be held in Claxton – an event that had not been held for very many years. Details would be discussed at the next meeting.

Annual Parish Meeting – 20th April – Speaker / topic – The format of the Meeting would again be discussed at the next meeting.

11.08 Planning- Consultation with Parish Council

Broads Authority Approvals
BA2010/0370 Mr & Mrs Heathcote The Manor –
Lean to Verandah and replacement outbuilding – renewal of permission

Broads Authority Consultation
BA2010/0322 Mr & Mrs Heathcote
Rear Extension to 1 Manor Farm Cottages – Approve

11.09   Finance
a,  Balance at 14/1/11- £2263-85
b,  Receipts – Parish Pit Trust re 3 The Warren -£3718-00
c,  Grants – None
d, Payments

100178            Beadle Property Care 3 The Warren                         £256-15
100179            W.Hoddy &Sons                   3 The Warren                          £4112-50
100180            Payne Insulation                     3 The Warren                          £417-76
100181           B.Ansell                     Clerks Sal/Exp(Dec/Jan)         £388-02

The schedule was tabled by the Clerk for payment. On a proposal from Robin Godber , seconded by Jackie Swan, the schedule was approved for payment.

Re Grass Cutting – Norse had quoted £288-79 + VAT for 2011.

11.10 Parish Land & Property.
a, Land Registry – Cadge & Gilbert (Solicitors) in Loddon had confirmed they do not hold the Village Hall deeds. Further inquiries would be made.

b, 3 The Warren –The remedial works instigated by the Parish Pit Trust (Parish Council) channelled via the Parish Council for payment & vat recovery were making good progress and the work was largely complete..

11.11 Date of next meeting Wednesday 16th March 2011
2011 19/01, 16/03, 18/05, 20/07, 21/09, 16/11, & APM – 20/04

Meeting closed at 20-45hrs

Brian Ansell – Parish Clerk

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